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sydney writers' festival

If you're coming to Sydney for the Aurealis Awards bash, why not start the day a little earlier? I'll be talking with Peter Hollo about remixing as part of the Sydney Writers' Festival, which I'm attending as a guest (and very excited about it I am, too). Garth Nix and I will be larking about as well, here and there. Full program available here.

Master Remix with Sean Williams

Saturday, 21 May 1.00-2.00
Sydney Dance Company Studio 2/3

Sean Williams has collaborated with Garth Nix, Shane Dix and Simon Brown. But the list doesn’t end there. He’s also collaborated with Edgar Allan Poe, Charles Darwin (rewriting his most famous work as a series of haiku using his own words, using them to portray the evolution of the poetic form) and Gary Numan (in a series of novels in which one character speaks solely in his lyrics). He tells Peter Hollo of FourPlay how he makes it all work creatively (and legally).


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tracksounds interview

Music is my other love. In a parallel universe, I chose composition over novels and am now writing soundtracks for TV or strange electronic music for an audience of, say, twenty. So you can imagine my delight to be the first ever author interviewed for Tracksounds: the Film Music and SoundtracksExperience! The interview was ostensibly to promote The Old Republic: Fatal Alliance, but inevitably drifted. You can download my excited ramble as either a podcast or a transcript and marvel at what might have been...

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top ten albums 2009

Not all of these titles were released this year, but that’s when I discovered them, so that’s where they sit for me. In an ambient world, everything is autobiographical.
  1. Insen - Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto
  2. Astral Currents - Telomere
  3. Vrioon - Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto
  4. Earthlight - David Parsons
  5. The Tudors: Season One - Trevor Morris
  6. Yolo - Tetsu Inoue
  7. Aftermath - Aes Dana
  8. Transcendence - Alpha Wave Movement
  9. Dynamic Stillness - Steve Roach
  10. Ghost Opera - Kamelot (not ambient in the slightest!)
I spent two solid weeks out of fifty listening to this music, which highlights what an important influence eMusic--the source of all but two of these albums--has been on my life.

I also love recommendations. Is there anything out there I should be listening to? Anything I have missed out on?

hurts so good

This track embodies everything I loved about the 80s: morose boys, crazy-dancing girls, pretentious videos, and above all the music.  How wonderful that this was released in 2009.  Music is good again.  Hurrah!  (Watch it at least to the chorus before you decide either way.)

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the week that was

Once upon a time, I used to think being a writer meant, well, writing.  All the time.  If only that were true!  When between books, as I am at the moment, I don't even attempt to stick to my 1500 words/day target. There just isn't time.  Here's what I got up to in the last week (Monday 5 to Sunday 12), for anyone interested in what I actually spend most of my time doing.
  • I delivered re-writes of all four Fixers books to my editor at Scholastic;
  • re-wrote outlines for The Resurrected Man and The Crooked Letter TV shows, as per feedback received while in LA;
  • reread the story notes of Magic Dirt, seeking inspiration for a podcast about my fifteen year-old story "A Map of the Mines of Barnath";
  • ditto my story "Ungentle Fire" in the forthcoming Dragon Book;
  • was interviewed live on ABC radio at the Royal Adelaide Show (and ate a large amount of junk food afterwards);
  • attended the Ruby/ABAF Awards;
  • had a Skype conversation, transcribed some notes, and looked over an outline for a project I haven't mentioned here yet (ooh, mysterious!);
  • attended a meeting of the SA Writers' Centre Board;
  • took Christobel Mattingley's place on the SA Writers' Festival "Fact or Fiction" panel, down at the beautiful Wirra Wirra vineyards in the McLaren Vale, and chaired the "First Book" panel;
  • read and annotated submissions for a retreat I'll be co-taking in a few weeks;
  • signed up to sit on a grant assessment panel doling out money for young South Australian writers;
  • suggested some spec fic titles for the Big Book Club's December/January selections;
  • caught up on the parallel import situation for the Australian Society of Authors;
  • revived my LJ and wrote this post. :-)
I also bought the new Steve Roach album, Destination Beyond, and Deepspace's World Ocean Atlas. (That's not really work, I know, but these albums will probably comprise my main writing music for the coming weeks, so it's kinda related.)

This wasn't an exceptional week, but it probably was a little busier than normal, thanks to the awards night and the festival. 

How was yours?  Did you manage to get some writing done?  If so, well done.  I am jealous!
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stringpunk, anyone?

Fourplay are touring at the moment, which is a reason for gladness all around the land.  I saw them last night and they were awesome.  (Pete Hollo: you are a rock god!)  There are lots of shows in the tour left, so check the gig guide and grab a ticket.  If you're in Perth, you'd better hurry.  They're playing there tonight!

Can't get to the gigs?  Check out their video page, which includes covers like "Sabotage" and "Killing in the Name of", or just buy the new album, Fourthcoming. Or both. :-)

If, on the other hand, you're looking for something in a more ambient vein, check out the new album by Deepspace, "Glittering Domain".  You can listen to it in its entirety over at last.fm.  (You might know Deepspace better as Kim Wilkins' husband Mirko, who has scored various Aurealis Awards down the years.)  The free album-length track "Another Empty Galaxy" was my favourite writing ambience for about six months.  There is no higher recommendation.

goldfrapp A&E

wonderful electric

BSG + Goldfrapp = awesome!

'BSG ends tonight. But instead of mourning, let's focus on the positive, like the heaps of crazy Cylon sex. And to celebrate we rounded up all our favorite naughty robot moments into one NSFW clip. Enjoy our sexy round up to Goldfrapp's "Strict Machine" and remember wear a cylondom.'

Thank you, io9!

ETA See here for James Bradley's predictions for the finale. Will he be right or wrong? The world will know in minutes, but I won't (watching it Wednesday).