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plot synopsis project

I'm one of a group of authors banding together to post synopses of published novels on-line in order to give aspiring writers an idea of how we manage that process (or mismanage it, as the case may be). Accordingly, here's everything I was able to rustle up on from my hard drive. (And what a mad archaeological scramble it's been down there this morning...)

The earliest pitch is for The Resurrected Man, the latest for the Astropolis and Broken Land series (so beware: there will be spoilers*), covering twenty-five novels and eight series. File sizes range from uber-tight, one-page outlines to sprawling epics in their own right, thus demonstrating that there's no right way to do it.

I hope it helps.

ETA: I am premature posting this, as you'll gather from the comments below. The gang of scribes will be posting en masse on the 18th of the month, when I'll be on the road. I'll edit this entry shortly after then to link to other posts on the subject. Stay tuned!

Books of the Cataclysm (pitch)
Books of the Cataclysm (synopsis)
Books of the Change
The Broken Land
The Resurrected Man

* As plots change dramatically between pitch and execution, I feel perfectly safe putting the outlines up here. By comparing the two Cataclysm documents, you can see just how much things evolve, including plots and book titles.
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