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Sean Williams
d-mat, non-quantum style? 
10.26 am 29.07.07
As I sip my morning hot chocolate, I am warmed by this news, that Australian scientists are helping make my second novel The Resurrected Man a reality.

Can't happen soon enough, I reckon (says he, facing another loooong flight to the US next month).
08.37 am 29.07.07 (UTC)
Volunteering to test it, are you? :)
11.09 pm 29.07.07 (UTC)
God no. I'm a late adopter, and always will be. :-)
06.09 am 30.07.07 (UTC)
Ansibles may be in the works....

What I want is a functioning easy to use time machine....I have questions that can only be answered by using one.
02.55 am 01.08.07 (UTC)
What question would be top of your list?

Sad ex-Christian that I am, I'd probably pay a visit to Golgotha first. Then Tunguska and Roswell, probably.
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