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Sean Williams
saturn reviews 
08.29 am 27.07.07
saturn returns
I finished the second book of Astropolis, Earth Ascendant, just yesterday, so I figure today's a good time to post some reviews. I'm really excited by the feedback so far. The book will be out here very shortly, in all its Orbity glory. (There's a review buried in that link, too.) Hurrah!

The Guardian:
Imre Bergamasc wakes to find himself aboard a starship belonging to the Jinc, independent components of a human hive-mind which is searching for God on the edge of the Milky Way. Bergamasc has little recollection of his previous life, other than that he was a man. He's now a woman, rebuilt from DNA and memory downloads the Jinc salvaged from his partially destroyed life-raft. On learning that he was a soldier of fortune before his death, and fearing the Jinc's motives, he escapes and locates his former colleagues-in-arms and his lover. Only then can he piece together his former identity and work out what happened to the human race while he was dead. In the first book of the Astropolis trilogy, Williams renders the passage of aeons, and the rise and fall of civilisations, with cosmic poignancy.

The Independent:
Adelaide author, Sean Williams writes exceedingly good space opera. He's a master storyteller, carefully crafting tales that keep readers on the edge of their seats. Saturn Returns, his latest and the first in an exhilarating trilogy, is scientifically credible, ambitious, adventurous and thrilling. Williams' characters reside within complexly ornate social structures and in societies as elaborately elegant as a computer chip.
"This is my gothic-noir gender-bending space opera thriller, something I've been wanting to write for ages," Williams said.
The passion shows. The characters are wonderfully realised including one who speaks only in Gary Numan's song lyrics. With darkly brooding suspense and stylish plot twists, Williams shows his talent for placing his protagonist in impossible situations, where his worst enemy may be a portion of his own missing memory. Was Imre Bergamasc responsible for the fall of civilisation? Why did they resurrect him from information stored in a time capsule only to try and kill him again? Determined to learn the truth, Bergamasc puts his life - and the lives of his friends- in jeopardy.
Saturn Returns is a wildly original, totally convincing, all-round wonderful novel.
01.48 am 27.07.07 (UTC)
Peter's review: "THAT WAS GREAT! GIMME MORE!"
I loved it, and I have to say I love both covers. Damn!

The Guardian is wrong when it says "trilogy" isn't it? Or... not? I thought it was another duology.
02.19 am 27.07.07 (UTC)
It is indeed a trilogy, with an extra installment coming out between books one and two (that's CENOTAXIS from MonkeyBrain, due in October or so). What's the word for a 3.5-ology? Someone should invent one. :-)

I'm currently toying between INCREASING IN LIGHT and THE GRAND CONJUNCTION for the third book. Possibly the later, as it has a great astrological meaning as well...

And hey, thanks for the great review. I am flattered!
02.43 am 27.07.07 (UTC)
I'm a fan of THE GRAND CONJUNCTION - it fits well with the other two titles to me... Even if the astrological meanings aren't clear, the fact that all three are clearly about placement or movement of the planets holds them together.
Hm, so a trilogy eh! I did know about Cenotaxis, looking forward to that.

Perhaps I should submit that review of mine to ASiF. But I do think I'd like to review the whole trilogy (seriously) when it's done... Cool.
11.49 pm 31.07.07 (UTC)
Silly synapses. I read that first sentence & thought you had READ finished the book. Not WROTE finished the book. Obviously not enough caffeine is in my veins.
Personally I'd go with the conjunction angle, given you are having a number of astrological moments in them there books (I feel like I'm back at home with the conjunctions, sextiles, returns and whatnot).

Looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of Saturn. It's on my hitlist of books to read.
12.37 am 01.08.07 (UTC)
I hope you enjoy it!

Both titles are astrological terms, but one is definitely more recognisable than the other. I think you've convinced me. Thanks!
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