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Sean Williams
trailer unleashed 
08.27 am 26.07.07
Hey, my book has a trailer!


Okay, I know it's really the trailer for the Force Unleashed game, but that sounds nowhere near as exciting from where I'm sitting. :-)
12.55 am 26.07.07 (UTC)
DL'd it on the 360 a week ago. Looking good. Looking real good. I only wish I had either a HD TV or a PC that'd be able to run the thing.
06.25 am 26.07.07 (UTC)
I don't even get into games and got all tingly watching it.

Woo Hoo!

Now...whether to allow my son to see it......I know, I know - I ask myself the hard questions.

Congratulations Sean.
07.51 am 26.07.07 (UTC)
That is so awesome!
09.30 am 26.07.07 (UTC)
Only one thing could have made it cooler, and that's a Dalek, of course. :-)

(Hey, I got a copy of my Dr Who story in the real live flesh last week. I am still dancing!)
11.16 am 26.07.07 (UTC)
Did Damon send you a photo of his TARDIS cake?
01.06 pm 26.07.07 (UTC)
Oooh, no. Must have. :-)
(Deleted comment)
11.36 pm 26.07.07 (UTC)
I get a little rush every time I watch it for just that reason. I am excited. :-)
04.44 pm 26.07.07 (UTC)
Very awesome. :) Have they unveiled the art for the book yet?
10.36 pm 26.07.07 (UTC)
Not yet. I am holding my breath.

*turns pink*

*turns blue*
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