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Sean Williams
12.39 pm 01.07.11
wedding 1
On Monday, the wonderful Amanda returns from Canada, where she's been on a rather inconveniently timed research trip. Our schedules are often like this: she's home while I'm away, then I'm home while she's away. Sometimes we overlap for a few days, home or abroad, and that's always nice--but do jetlagged days really count as days, or are they just wistful dreams of far-off normality?

Anyway, we worked out this morning that in total we've spent just two weeks out of the last eleven together. And that, on anyone's calculator, is a rather sad result. So extra excitement for Monday. Roll out the champagne and hold all calls! At last my heart will be where my home is.
06.14 am 01.07.11 (UTC)
Congratulations. I hope you both get to be home in the same place for a longer length of time, like a year. Mind you, with this arrangement neither of you is going to get on the other's nerves. :)

05.45 pm 01.07.11 (UTC)
*sending love*

I love, love, love reading posts like this.

Thank you *so* much for sharing!
08.51 am 19.07.12 (UTC)
It’s such a nice way to keep up a good relationship. Great one.
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