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Sean Williams
"spark" and "structure" strike a pose 
04.13 pm 30.06.11
pink pills
Just heard via the most excellentjennyblackford that both my humongous novellas from last year were honorably mentioned by Gardner Dozois in his Year's Best SF 28. Woohoo! That's "The Spark (A Romance in Three Acts)" and "A Glimpse of the Marvelous Structure (and the Threat It Entails)". This makes makes me very happy.
06.55 am 30.06.11 (UTC)
Yay! Many congratulations! So pleased to have been the one to have alerted you - and to share the list with you ;)
12.20 am 01.07.11 (UTC)
Great to be in your excellent company, Jenny!
08.53 am 30.06.11 (UTC)
Does he have a thing for parenthetical comments (I had to ask, Congratulations).
12.20 am 01.07.11 (UTC)
I'm not sure about Gardner, but I certainly do. (Thanks!)
12.25 am 01.07.11 (UTC)
I am a demon for parenthetical remarks, with commas, in my research papers but my main collaborator is similarly inclined (except with parentheses). Our joint research students, PhD or other, often appear confused or frustrated (but I can't think why).
04.27 am 03.07.11 (UTC)

That previous message was me but I neglected to sign it because I am foolish.

A Foolysh Manne.
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