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Sean Williams
AA aftermath 
07.11 am 22.05.11
Congrats to SpecFaction and everyone involved for a terrific event last night. Congrats to the winners, the nominees, and everyone who submitted work for consideration. And congrats to the crazy Rapture-dudes for being wrong about the world ending before the Australian spec fic community got its party. We deserve nothing less! I'm glad someone up there realises it too.

(Not that there is anyone "up there", of course, but if there was She would totally dig spec fic, not to mention the vibe in the bar last night.)
Happy times, not End Times.
09.57 pm 21.05.11 (UTC) - re the AA awards
And so say all of us, Sean! Congratulations to all the winners and the shortlisters - a great year of reading!
10.12 am 22.05.11 (UTC) - Re: re the AA awards
Thanks Sean. So pleased you could make it. Enjoy some home time!

Cheers, Nathan.
09.56 pm 22.05.11 (UTC) - Re: re the AA awards
I will! Thanks, Nathan, for an excellent night.
12.18 pm 22.05.11 (UTC)
Nice to have seen you again. I'm still surprised you remember me. NExt year we will stay for the party. One of the party was recovering from a sinus infection and needed to lie down, and we had an early morning start. Next time, will plan things better.

Congrats to the committee too. They did a fantastic job.
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