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Sean Williams
Aurealis Awards - reasons to party 
11.37 am 09.05.11
You probably know that the Aurealis Awards have moved to Sydney. You might also know who the nominees are and that this year's round of awards will be presented on May 21 (details here). You might be coming--in which case, awesome! You don't need to read any further.

This post is for those on the fence.

Here's why you should be there.

Being a writer is a whole lot more than just words. It's about people and the connections between them. In this context, I like to bander one particular word around a lot: community. Oh, and celebration, which is a whole lot more than tossing back champagnes and scoffing pizza at two in the morning. Events like the Aurealis bash give writers a chance to celebrate the community that welcomes, guides and supports them (us) through what can, honestly, be a pretty shitty career path. They provide opportunities to bond, to form networks, and to share info. Cons do the same thing, but this is just one night. It's cheaper. Why wouldn't you go?

Besides, this is the night of the year on which we, the speculative fiction crowd of Australia, really truly frocks up. You know that cliche about fans wearing Star Trek costumes? Well, anyone who's been to an AA night knows just how stupid that is. We are one hot looking bunch. And the spotlight's on everyone, not just the nominees and winners. We bask in each other's brilliance.

I'm assuming that every Sydneysider who can physically make it has already bought a ticket and will be coming along. (I'll be there--I'll notice if you're not!) I understand that for everyone else it's a long way to go and money is tight. Just think seriously about it. I've lost count of the number of AA bashes I attended in Brisbane and elsewhere, sometimes in very lean times indeed, and I regard it as money well spent. An investment in my vocation--hell, even the ATO agrees with me on that.

Without you, celebrations like this aren't possible. Community isn't possible. So come along and clink glasses with your best mates and your worst enemies. We're all in the same boat, after all, and the journey is so much more enjoyable in good company.
02.23 am 09.05.11 (UTC)
Sadly, not even your eloquence can get me there financially...though I agree with everything you say! Never mind, next year when I move to Australia.

Glenda L.
02.27 am 09.05.11 (UTC)
You are of course excused, Glenda. :-)

Really looking forward to you being a whole lot closer on a regular basis!
02.48 am 09.05.11 (UTC)
I'll be there!
03.00 am 09.05.11 (UTC)
Excellent! It'll be great to see you again. :-)
03.25 am 09.05.11 (UTC)
I'd be there if it was even remotely possible financially, but it just isn't. Not this year. But *next* year definitely - especially if the things in the pipeline even go half as well as I hope.
03.51 am 09.05.11 (UTC)
Fingers crossed!
(Deleted comment)
04.22 am 09.05.11 (UTC)
Brilliant! The little fellow too? :-)
(Deleted comment)
07.06 am 09.05.11 (UTC)
I'll be there! Flying visit (not even 24 hours!). I shall have child in tow but grandma will be babysitting for the night (SHE'S flying in from QLD to do the job - that's dedication!) :)
07.51 am 09.05.11 (UTC)
That sure is. Bravo!

Is your mum's username "editorgrandma"?
09.25 am 09.05.11 (UTC)
Alas even with your impassioned plea I shall be living vicariously through the scant twitterings and the after awards blog postings.

I'd love to support it, just as a fan.
07.44 pm 09.05.11 (UTC)
By being a fan you are supporting it already.

But you could nag friends to come, if you wanted. :-)

The more the merrier!
09.32 am 09.05.11 (UTC)
Now I have to go and buy a damned dress.
11.00 am 09.05.11 (UTC)
I've just lay-by'd mine. :)
(Deleted comment)
11.17 am 09.05.11 (UTC)
We shall be there. I think I owe you a drink.
07.45 pm 09.05.11 (UTC)
Maybe. I've lost track. Great you'll be there!
11.31 am 09.05.11 (UTC)
And for those in Perth that can't attend to Ceremony proper, we are having a Cocktail Party to celebrate and follow the tweets, or possibly watch the event if we can get it Skyped!.

Details here: http://watchingnascence.wordpress.com/2011/05/05/aurealis-awards-cocktail-party/
07.46 pm 09.05.11 (UTC)
That's a terrific idea. Wish I could be at that, too. :-)
11.57 am 09.05.11 (UTC)
By some happy coincidence, I'll be in Sydney for the weekend, with a spare evening!
07.46 pm 09.05.11 (UTC)
It is your destiny. Will be great to see you there!
02.02 am 18.05.11 (UTC)
Hi Sean,

I was wondering, would I be able to interview you sometime about writing? It wouldn’t have to be too long - unless I can steal some more of your time, of course :D

It would be for the National Youth Writers Month (aimed at those under 25 years), which is in June. I’m one of the ambassadors and I’m going to be running a few workshops and things. It would be awesome to have writing advice, tales, or any information at all for the participants, so they understand what it’s like to be an actual author.

If you’re interested, it could be done over email – Icould come up with a few questions and you can reply, or add any extra things you’d like to share with everyone? Or if you have a different way you’d like to do this then by all means :D

Would this be possible? It’s totally okay if it’s not as it’s getting to be a busy season ^^
06.21 am 18.05.11 (UTC)
Sure! Do you have my email address? I'm on tour at the moment and my RSI is playing up, so you might have to nag, but I'd be happy to help out any way I can.
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