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Sean Williams
Why are Aussies so good at the Writers of the Future Contest? 
03.21 pm 18.04.11
Australians win more WOTF awards per entry than any other country. For real. That's something I learned just today. And you know what? I'm not surprised. We've been taking home the gongs for over twenty years now, and I've lost track of how many winners we've had all up. There were three this year alone. Three.

So what's our secret? Any guesses? I'm at a loss, but I reckon it's a bloody good thing.

(Userpic taken at a past award night. Note the hair: a long time in the past.)
05.57 am 18.04.11 (UTC)
Are you going to be there?

'cause I will be! *grins*
06.11 am 18.04.11 (UTC)
Alas! I'll be on tour in NZ and Sydney and can't make it. :-(

But I'll be sending positive vibes! Congrats!!
06.38 am 18.04.11 (UTC)
Is that a congrats in order??
07.49 am 18.04.11 (UTC)
first place second quarter 2010. Leaving for the US in about three weeks. Ack!
08.05 am 18.04.11 (UTC)
You'll have a great time! I personally guarantee it.
09.31 am 18.04.11 (UTC)
06.05 am 18.04.11 (UTC)
How does this actually translate into actual publishing figures?
07.07 am 18.04.11 (UTC)
For the winners? In some cases--mine and Shaun Tan's, say--very high.
07.09 am 18.04.11 (UTC)
PS. First time I saw this, I read "punishing figures". Yikes!
09.05 pm 18.04.11 (UTC)
I don't think my typing's that bad. yet.
06.25 am 18.04.11 (UTC)
Is there a list of Aussies who have won?
That would be pretty cool.
07.06 am 18.04.11 (UTC)
It would be. Hmmm. I'm looking into it.

I also thought a commemorative anthology for WorldCon would've been cool. Now we'd need TWO anthologies!
10.21 am 18.04.11 (UTC)
Having an anthology would be good.
11.34 am 18.04.11 (UTC)
Might have to wait for the next Worldcon...
08.44 am 19.04.11 (UTC)
Our writing group at the Katherine Susannah Prichard Writers Centre in Perth alone can boast four members or ex-members as outright winners. The idea of an Aussie WOTF antho sounds good!
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