Sean Williams (ladnews) wrote,
Sean Williams

My Swancon DJing Rules (to keep things interesting)

Dave Cake and I are DJing at Swancon next weekend, as is our wont, and in response to the occasional criticism that I play the same old stuff over and over again (I take that as a compliment!) I've decided to liven things up by not playing songs I've played more than once before unless someone requests it. So no "Jesse's Girl", no "Block Rockin' Beats", no "Dancing Queen", no "Blue Monday"--unless you ask for it, in which case I'd be happy to fit it in somewhere (twist my rubber arm). This doesn't apply to Dave--in fact, we haven't even discussed it--but I'm looking forward to the challenge. Thinking out of the box, all that.

So what will I be playing instead? I don't know for sure, beyond the opening two or three songs. It depends on the night. Some classic Aussie rock, maybe, and I have a progressive house set that I could be talked into. Stick around and find out.
Tags: djing, swancon
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