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Sean Williams
TFU2 up for an award! 
08.57 am 05.04.11
unleashed logo
The nominations for the annual Scribe Award have been announced, and I'm very pleased to see Star Wars:The Force Unleashed II on the list. Presented by the International Association of Media Tie-in Writers, the awards acknowledge excellence in the field of licensed tie-ins--novels based on TV, movies and games--and I'm absolutely chuffed to have one of my books nominated. It's the first time, and quite an honour. The results will be announced at a special ceremony at the San Diego Comic-Con in July.

This reminds me that there has been some good press recently for my Star Wars novels, so here are reviews and news that I've been remiss in posting.

The Old Republic: Fatal Alliance was voted one of the top ten best Star Wars novels of 2010 over at Village Gate. It's been described as "an outstanding addition to the Expanded Universe” (EUCantina) and “one of the most solidly entertaining Star Wars novels I’ve read” (Fantasy Book Review), with “space battles, lightsaber fights, chase scenes and lots of strange planets to visit, not to mention scheming Sith lords – everything you’d want out of a great Star Wars book” (Fantasy & Sci-Fi Lovin’). So that's awesome. 

The first Force Unleashed instalment continues to garner reviews: “This is a great book with lots of action and some interesting plot twists. I highly recommend it.” (Ezine@rticles) “[A] book that even manages to resonate on an emotional level with a belter of a finale”. (HorrorScope) And the sequel has been getting a bit of love too, apart from the Scribe nomination. “If you were a fan of The Force Unleashed, you'll definitely want to see where this next installment leads.” (SF Site) And Itchy Thumbs described it as “an enjoyable look at the early Rebel Alliance...altogether making for a worthwhile read”.

I'm making notes for a Star Wars short story this week (more later, I hope) so it's a great time to get good news on that front.
04.16 pm 06.04.11 (UTC)
congrats on the nomination -- you coming up for Comic-Con?
10.10 pm 06.04.11 (UTC)

It's unlikely, I'm afraid. :-(

But will by in SD for World Fantasy, later in the year.
05.37 pm 10.04.11 (UTC)
Congrats, Sean, you certainly earned the nomination! I also want to second the kind words from the various reviews of FATAL ALLIANCE - me and a few posters over at NJOE.com were actually discussing this recently. FATAL ALLIANCE was definitely THE best SW EU novel of the year! Will certainly continue to follow all of your SF endeavors as always!
11.37 pm 10.04.11 (UTC)
Hey, thanks. :-) That really means a lot!
03.43 am 15.04.11 (UTC) - Star Wars Short Story
Hello Sir.
i am new to the field of Short story writing and was wondering if anyone can write a short story and set it in the SW universe.
obviously you have gone through the proper legal channels but if i wrote something as an amateur and entered it in a competition would i incur the legal wrath of George Lucas as well as the wrath of the dark side?

Thank you.
PS i am going out on a binge and will buy all of your star wars novels.
PPS you rule.
Lord Ramoth
12.12 am 16.04.11 (UTC) - Re: Star Wars Short Story
Hey, thanks! I hope you enjoy them.
You can write Star Wars fanfic without getting into trouble, but you can't professionally publish anything in the Star Wars universe unless the publisher has a licensing agreement. That limits the markets for such stories, but they do exist (Star Wars Insider is one). If you want to be a writer and win competitions and stuff, you're better off writing your own thing. That's my advice. Good luck!
01.42 am 16.04.11 (UTC) - Re: Star Wars Short Story
Thank you Sir, you are obviously destined for great things.

01.47 am 17.04.11 (UTC) - Re: Star Wars Short Story
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