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Tomorrow sees the launch of "Reflections on Water", a poem commissioned from me by the Adelaide Zoo and the Environmental Institute at Adelaide University on the theme of "water is life", which (performed by multiple voices and combined with numerous sound-effects) will form the backbone of a soundscape that everyone will hear every time they go to visit the pandas (or any of the other marvellous critters living beyond the zoo's awesome new entrance).

I'll post a link to the finished text once it goes live, but here, to whet (ha ha) your appetite, is my first stab at it. This is nothing like the final product, nothing at all: for one, it's a villanelle, whereas the finished piece has no formal structure; for two, this is far too didactic. But it was an enjoyable warm-up, and I'd hate it to disappear forever (ah, vanity).

Think of this next time it rains:
it means much more than getting wet.
The calling frog, the birds’ refrain,

the wheat, the sheep, the sugarcane--
all linked by water’s vital net.
Think of this next time it rains:

the river’s creep across the plain
though muddy is life-giving yet;
the calling frog, the birds’ refrain

depend on this life-giving vein
to survive drought’s blistering threat.
Think of this next time it rains:

before you pour it down the drain,
waste not, want not; don’t forget
the calling frog, the birds’ refrain.

Their songs need never be in vain
if we ensure their needs are met.
Think of this next time it rains:
the calling frog, the birds’ refrain.

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