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unleashed again

Well, The Force Unleashed hit the stores in the US today, and I'm excited by that, even though it might be a while before I see it on the shelves here. I half-joke that it's the book that gave me RSI--true, I had to write it in four weeks, and true also that I'd written at that speed in the past to no ill effect--but we sometimes make similarly rebukes of our children, and that doesn't mean we love them any less. I really enjoyed writing TFU II and I hope readers will enjoy it too. It definitely wasn't something I knocked off for the money. I thought there was some value to it, otherwise I would've saved my time, and my wrist. That's all.

I've been posting interviews to Twitter and Facebook but have saved a few for here, just to mark the occasion. So:

"Anything that broadens people's experiences, makes them aware of what goes on outside the little boxes they live in, opens their eyes to the fact that there may actually BE something outside their little boxes, is automatically a good thing, I think. A story doesn't have to be true to be effective in this regard; it just has to be convincing, to have an impact, to leave an impression. When someone manages that, the world has become a better place." (Angus & Robertson Edwardstown)

"It would have been easy to write TFU as a by-the-numbers slash-and-hack adventure, but I think it deserved more than that. As to how I do it…? There’s no specific technique.  One tries to put oneself in another’s shoes, to feel compassion for them no matter how monstrous they behave. This works for real life as well as novels. When you’re in, you know it, and you start writing." (EUCantina)

"Sometimes I get into trouble with my editors for being too obscure, but I figure it’s a risk worth taking. And always, among the millions of fans of the EU, there’s at least one who appreciates the effort." (Literary Clutter part one)

"I have been offered other franchises that would have been fun and high profile, but always it’s a juggle between original work and tie-ins. I don’t want to do one at the expense of the other. I want to have my cake and eat someone else’s too." (Literary Clutter part two)

And now, enough typing. Time to eat some celebratory cake!
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