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Sean Williams
lookin' sharp, pop 
12.24 pm 25.04.10
dirt 1
Hey, this is cool. I haven’t mentioned here before that Pop Pictures has optioned my short “Passing the Bone”* with the intention of turning it into a feature film. But that’s not all. Turns out the treatment by Chris Houghton has won the Australian Writers’ Guild’s inaugural Sharp Prize!

To quote last week’s press release:

“The AWG Sharp Prize is the crescendo of the Story Sharpener Initiative, presented in partnership with the South Australian Film Corporation and Eurista Development, to reward and promote the discovery and development of new screenwriting talent...
"Chris has been awarded a $2,000 cash prize for his project Passing the Bone, the most compelling demonstration of a project with exceptional clarity of narrative vision, confident use of craft skills, which was indicative of Chris's great potential for a future career in professional screenwriting. Passing the Bone is a feature length adaption of a short story written by Sean Williams [some old hack] ... a brave piece of work that delves into difficult territory and creates a mystery that aroused the assessment panel's curiosity."
So, I’m pleased and excited, and I can’t wait to see what Chris and Pop Pictures come up with next. Kudos to them!

* winner of the 1996 Aurealis Award for Best Horror Short Story, and availaible in Magic Dirt: The Best of Sean Williams
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01.20 am 26.04.10 (UTC)
Thanks! I think it'll make an interesting zombie road movie. :-)
05.38 am 25.04.10 (UTC)
That sounds awesome! It should maybe come with a warning, though, for moviegoers to finish their popcorn early, before the decay gets too graphic...
01.20 am 26.04.10 (UTC)
Heh. Indeed.
07.43 am 25.04.10 (UTC)
01.21 am 26.04.10 (UTC)
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