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Sean Williams
nominating for overseas director of sfwa 
11.27 am 26.01.10
In a move that at least one friend has described as "insane", I'm standing for election in SFWA, as Overseas Regional Director on the most excellent Scalzi/Kowal ticket. You can see my platform below the cut and, if you're a member, follow the debate on the various nominees in the forum.

If you're not a member, why not? Join up, vote, and help me institute change for the better!

Dear fellow writers:

I am standing for the position of Overseas Regional Director, which went unfilled in the last election. As Australian members of SFWA now outnumber any other nationality (except those from the UK) I’ve been encouraged to stand in order to provide a strong international voice on the committee. I offer my experience as both a working writer and an advocate for writers while we negotiate this time of consolidation for the SFWA and great upheaval in the publishing industry worldwide.

Something about myself, for those who don’t know me:

• I have been a member of SFWA since 1993 and a full-time professional writer since 1999.

• 2010 sees the publication of my thirtieth novel and seventy-fifth short story.

• I write science fiction and fantasy for kids, young adults and adults. Although most of it is original, I have worked for licensed properties, including Star Wars and Doctor Who. My novelisation of The Force Unleashed was the first computer game tie-in to debut at #1 on the New
York Times hardcover bestseller list. I am also a published poet.

• My work has been nominated for the Seiun (Japan) and Philip K Dick (USA) awards. I am a multiple winner of Australia’s Ditmar and Aurealis awards, and in 2009 I received the Peter McNamara Award for service to Australian speculative fiction. I am also a former winner, and now judge, of the Writers of the Future Contest.

• I firmly believe in the principle of paying forward. In addition to teaching and mentoring new writers through schools, universities, writers’ centers and festivals, including two stints at Clarion South, I actively participate in organizations devoted to the betterment of the writer’s lot.

• To that end, I have served eight of the last ten years on the board of Australia’s longest-running writers’ centre, including stints as Treasurer and Chair. I am currently the Assistant Treasurer of the Big Book Club Inc., a national arts organization committed to the promotion of reading and literature, and I sit on the Executive of the Board of Management of the Australian Society of Authors.

• I have also served terms as on the Australia Council Literature Board, Arts SA’s Literature Assessment Board, the SA Youth Arts Board Project & Development Grant Advisory Committee, Adelaide Fringe’s WORD Festival Advisory Committee, and the Tertiary and Further Education (SA) Professional Writing Industry Assessment Group. (A full CV is available at my website.)

• I have a Masters in Creative Writing from the University of Adelaide, where I am currently a PhD candidate.

• I am a regular guest at Australian cons and attend at least one overseas convention a year, most recently Denvention in 2008 and World Fantasy in 2009. I will be Guest of Honour at the 2010 New Zealand natcon, and will naturally be at the Melbourne Worldcon in August. I will be travelling through Europe in the middle of 2010.

• I live with my wife Amanda (an English professor) in Adelaide, South Australia.

As a member of the Scalzi/Kowal ticket, I offer you the very same assurances: if elected we will continue the hard work begun by the current committee to place the organization on a more stable footing, while at the same time recruiting and retaining members from across the world.

As Overseas Regional Director I am naturally interested in conducting outreach in Australia, but that will not remotely be the full extent of my involvement in the committee. I am keen to participate as a full board member answerable to the entirety of SFWA’s membership. Under new by-laws, and with no immediate precedent to follow, I will pursue my duties as dictated by the needs of you, the industry professionals that make this organisation so strong.

I look forward to working with you as part of the 2010-2011 administration.

(Deleted comment)
01.32 am 26.01.10 (UTC)
Hurrah! That won't take long. You are on fire!
(Deleted comment)
01.41 am 26.01.10 (UTC)
You're no fun. :-)
(Deleted comment)
02.38 am 26.01.10 (UTC)
Cool. The one thing the SFWA lacks, I've always said, is a Monkey God.
01.35 am 26.01.10 (UTC)
Great platform Sean! Good luck!
01.41 am 26.01.10 (UTC)
Thanks, Ben. I'll need it!
01.59 am 26.01.10 (UTC)
Never a dull moment with you, is there??? *g*

All the best. You'll be a fine rep.
02.26 am 26.01.10 (UTC)
Hell no. But I'm not renominating for the ASA this year and will stand down from the SAWC, so that should create some space. Thanks for your vote of confidence. :-)

And hey, great to see you, if only briefly, over the weekend!
07.28 am 26.01.10 (UTC)
Well, it's not rocket science. You are excessively competent at everything you do, and that's just your baseline starting place, so ... *g*

And ditto. We must do better at Worldcon.
09.39 pm 26.01.10 (UTC)
RE worldcon: Absolutely! If I have time between my SFWA duties... :-)
05.03 am 26.01.10 (UTC)
This ticket looks fantastic, I'm excited for SFWA. Good leadership is so important.

Thanks for running you crazy fool! I had no idea you'd be so busy doing so many things. As an Aussie in the USA it's nice to know there's someone back home doing cool stuff with SFWA and I'm sure you'll do stuff for non-Aus international folks. International collaboration is so valuable - China and India's burgeoning SF Scene, Kenya's first SF film (Written and directed by a young African woman, "Pumzi" http://bit.ly/8STO3N ) and I'm sure so much more.

Good luck, imboca lupo

09.40 pm 26.01.10 (UTC)
Thanks, Liz. The worldwide scene is indeed amazing at the moment. Can't wait to see "Pumzi". Caught the clip on io9 the very same day you linked to it here. I wish Australia would get in on the action!
12.26 am 27.01.10 (UTC)
At least thanks to Farscape we know all aliens have an Australian accent.
12.30 am 27.01.10 (UTC)
Not to mention Sam Worthington! (who can't quite keep his accent in check, either as a future marine or a terminator)
(Deleted comment)
09.40 pm 26.01.10 (UTC)
That's one way of putting it. :-)
07.43 am 26.01.10 (UTC)
Awesome Sean! I just got into SFWA this past month -- I can actually vote for y'all now! :D
09.41 pm 26.01.10 (UTC)
Hurrah on both counts!
10.49 pm 26.01.10 (UTC)
May I just say that it is a pleasure running with you.
10.52 pm 26.01.10 (UTC)
The feeling is very mutual. I'm excited to be part of it.
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