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Sean Williams
seven on sunday 
03.20 pm 03.05.09
grand conjunction UK

Seven reasons I'm proud of The Grand Conjunction:

  • It contains the biggest kick-arse space battle I could imagine.
  • There's more than a hint of film noir.
  • I had fun dicking around with structure.  For instance: the "Previously in Astropolis" intro contains an important hint as to both the identity of the series narrator and the ultimate fate of our hero.
  • All the important questions (why Imre was reborn female in book one; what his other self has been doing all this time; etc) are answered at the end, so no one's going to be left scratching their heads.  I hope.
  • The Gothic text I chose for inspiration was Stevenson's Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.  Predictable, but still a wonderful text to work with.
  • The main characters literally go through a wringer.  Literally.  (Not really.)
  • It's dedicated to Gary Numan.

Oh, and the last line is possibly my favourite from all my novels to date.

(Okay, that's eight, but I liked the alliteration of the subject line.  So sue me!)

06.47 am 03.05.09 (UTC)
Now that the Gary Numan trilogy's done, I am patiently waiting for the Frankie Goes to Hollywood trilogy.
07.05 am 03.05.09 (UTC)
Don't tempt me! There's already an early, unpublished novel riddled with Frank Zappa quotes, and I still think a book structured around ELO's "Time" would be a great idea...

09.36 am 03.05.09 (UTC)
You read Verthandi's Ring, by Ian McDonald?
11.03 am 03.05.09 (UTC)
I haven't. Big space battle?
01.04 pm 03.05.09 (UTC)
Oh, most definitely. :)
11.04 pm 03.05.09 (UTC)
He may have a bigger imagination than me. :-)
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