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Sean Williams
star wars charity auction 
09.31 am 15.04.09
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One of the terrible things about the Victorian bushfires is the legacy of suffering and hardship that will last for months to come. Hence a number of ongoing initiatives to help raise money to help those in need. This post is about a new one, something that's been in the works for a while but is now officially official (as opposed to being on Facebook and eBay). Thanks to some most excellent and hardworking fans, you can now bid for a piece of the Star Wars universe via the links above, or through the post on the Star Wars blog.

karenmiller tells the tale better than I ever could:

A bunch of truly wonderful Aussie Star Wars fans have organised a charity auction to raise money for the victims of the February bushfires in Victoria. Sean Williams and I got together, wondering how we could help, and we came up with the idea to auction off a character in our upcoming Star Wars novels. Lucasfilm gave us their blessing, so now two lucky Star Wars fans with deep pockets *g* can win a walk on appearance in the Star Wars universe!

The winning bidders will have their names given a Star Wars makeover, and the new name will be assigned by us to one of our original characters.

So smash open that piggy box! Raid the stash you've been saving for a rainy day! This kind of offer doesn't come along very often. You don't want to miss it!

PS. I guess this also means that I can tell you that I'm writing another Star Wars novel, but I can't tell you which one. Stay tuned.
12.23 am 15.04.09 (UTC)
Nothing to do with your auction, just want to let you know that I have booked my tickets for the Natcon. Full itinerary on the Mewsings:

Pink drinks?

And hopefully we'll be doing some bushfire money raising there too.
12.25 am 15.04.09 (UTC)
Cheryl, that is such good news! Pink drinks for sure. :-)
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