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Sean Williams
go sharon! 
02.30 pm 27.02.09
glitter negative
Hey, one of my stories is going to be turned into a play!

"Team Sharon" (available in Magic Dirt) has been picked up by the University of Adelaide Theatre Guild for inclusion in the 2009 season of its First Time Out program. These are new dramatic works based on stories written by students of the Creative Writing department, selected by director Michael Allen. This year's theme is "Altered States of Consciousness". The premiere is June 18. I'm very excited!

PS. This article in the Onion from a couple of weeks ago is so close to the story it gave me shivers.

PPS. Because I'll have nothing to do with the adaptation, I can guarantee it'll be better written than "The Soap Bubble"!
05.35 am 27.02.09 (UTC)
Oh, major kewl factor!
05.39 am 27.02.09 (UTC)
I reckon! Wonder if they'll let me join the cast? :-)
05.40 am 27.02.09 (UTC)
As a tree?
05.52 am 27.02.09 (UTC)
I didn't know you'd seen me act. :-)

02.50 am 10.03.09 (UTC)
Umm ... *g*
06.08 am 27.02.09 (UTC) - yay! Go TEAM!
hello Sean, I think I am not a creepy Anon commenter, really, I just forgot my password.
Couldnt' resist checking up on you on one of my days back feeling less enfeebled as have been most curious about all these stories that you have your old eighties 'Working girl' style specs back. Is this true?It's an outrageous ruour but I had to find out.
However, As a big personal no 1 fan of Team Sharon I am excited by this news. I hope you will star. Your future on the boards is just beginning. A renaissance man like yourself would not ignore this opportunity!
I heard so many stories about Cath's wedding, I was so sad to have to miss it. Was in muchos pain, glad the op went well but still, sorry for myself despite rich opportunity to catch up on years of reading. I looked like the Wrath of God and glared at anyone who came within feet of me in case they knocked me and sent pain flaring all through each body part like I was standing in a wet bathroom holding a live wire.
BUT, had small consolation with all the photos and anecdotes and Stu coming tumbling home at 5am. Was jealous as hell bug knew it would have been hopeless. . An interview with the ABC yesterday left me so pooped I slept the rest of the day like a little old lady.
SO! You have to send me a photo of you and the glasses seeing as I can't imagine them wihtout your old perm and mullet, so I don't think this story is at all true and it's just those tricky pals of ours playing with my mind, and your merry pride in your jaunty new look. I finally got new specs too plus some massive sunglasses that shield half my face - which will be useful in chemical warfare. It's like having my own windshield.
Out of Character Thrifty Nerd Alert: Did you take advantage of the national pharmacy deal where you get a free camera? I got mine and am taking heaps of crappy shots, mostly of poor Marshall whose intensity and hang dog expression has kept me safe and happy on days when all I could do was pat him and curse the world to its bootstraps.
Anyway, one day we will eat sandwiches and drink some booze and catch up, I hope.
cheers, kb
11.51 am 27.02.09 (UTC)
woot!congrats :-)
06.55 am 02.03.09 (UTC)
Thanks! I think it'll be fun.
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