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Sean Williams
i can haz litcred with my hackdom? 
11.16 am 24.02.09
The ever excellent io9 gets to grips with a pressing question--"Why are some writers so prolific, and others slower than you'd like?"--touching on the scandalous proposal that writing realist fiction is a doddle because you don't have to make everything up.

In the process, they quote Lara Anne Gilman on the ghastly task people set themselves by writing series: "[You] have to make sure that nothing happens that's too jarring, or contradicts something previously established. It's a lot like doing a jigsaw puzzle, but about 10% of the pieces will come from a puzzle you already completed. Worse, it's like doing a 3-D jigsaw puzzle, because the timeline goes not only forward and backward, but sideways as well."

Which reminds me of something I've been meaning to post here for a while, mainly for my own benefit but also for those interested in the various fantasy series I've been working on these ten years or so. When I woke up from the dream that inspired the first book, I had no conception that the story would eventually consume a million words.

So here's a chronology of the Change, as it stands today.

The Crooked Letter
... First Book of the Cataclysm, 2004
"The Baker of La Menz"
... unpublished
"The Butterfly Merchant"
... Agog Terrific Tales, 2003
The Changeling
... The Broken Land, 2008
The Dust Devils
... The Broken Land, 2008
The Scarecrow
... The Broken Land, 2009
"Ungentle Fire"
... The Dragon Book: Magical Tales from the Masters Of Modern Fantasy, 2009
"The Spark (A Romance in Four Acts)"
... Dreamtime: Legends of Australian Fantasy, 2010
The Stone Mage & the Sea
... First Book of the Change, 2001
The Sky Warden & the Sun
... Second Book of the Change, 2002
The Storm Weaver & the Sand
... Third Book of the Change, 2002
The Blood Debt
... Second Book of the Cataclysm, 2005

The Hanging Mountains
... Third Book of the Cataclysm, 2005
The Devoured Earth
... Last Book of the Cataclysm, 2006

Will it get any bigger? Only if my brain does too.

PS. It turns out that Sal's journey is a kind of bildungsroman. You and I know that this was completely intentional.
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