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Sean Williams
the word according to the NYT 
09.59 am 07.09.08
Something I hadn't realised:

"This appears to be the first time a book derived from a video game has been a No. 1 New York Times best seller."

I am excited to be part of this, whether it's a sign of things to come or just part of the Star Wars phenomenon. It'd be nice to think that this heralds a greater emphasis on story in computer games and their tie-ins, but we'll see. At least my book was spared the dismissive treatment of the "Clone War" tie-ins in the same article. ("Exploding Robots!" Not that there's anything wrong with that.)
01.24 am 07.09.08 (UTC)
And at the risk of being repetitive ...

Yee haawwwww!

See, a good story is a good story is a good story. Good writing is good writing is good writing. Frankly, the wankers and tossers who persist in deriding tie-in work simply *because* it's tie in work aren't worth losing a second's sleep over. By all means critique a tie-in novel as a piece of literature, holding it up to the same rigorous standards as are applied to regular mainstream works. But to dismiss a tie-in as crap by definition makes a joke of the critiquer.

Do I like every tie-in book I read? No. Because I judge it as a story first. I don't give a toss what 'universe' it lives in. Some tie-ins run rings around some mainstream books. Some tie-in books are dire (IMO). You judge a piece of writing on its face merits, and nothing else.

In Force Unleashed you've written a cracking good story. End of discussion. For me. *g*
03.58 am 07.09.08 (UTC)
Repeat away! I can't hear it enough. :-)

Yes, that blanket dismissal of any genre (or art form or career or demographic) is what really gets my goat. There isn't time to judge everything on its own merit, but I'd have thought suspending judgment entirely was easier than making any kind of judgment.
01.51 am 07.09.08 (UTC)
03.55 am 07.09.08 (UTC)
Thanks. It's a good thing to be part of.
04.45 am 07.09.08 (UTC) - Con programme bio...
"DJ and occasional New York Times Bestseller SW... "
10.46 pm 08.09.08 (UTC) - Re: Con programme bio...
I can live with that. :-)
07.18 am 07.09.08 (UTC)
You are a golden god! :) V. v. v. v. cool.

Kate E.
10.48 am 07.09.08 (UTC)
Congratulations, Sean. =)
10.46 pm 08.09.08 (UTC)
08.56 pm 08.09.08 (UTC) - Congrats!
This is very cool, Sean. I've got the book on my TBR pile and will be getting to it, hopefully sooner than later.

10.45 pm 08.09.08 (UTC) - Re: Congrats!
Thanks! I hope you enjoy it.

(And thanks for plugging The Crooked Letter! I really appreciate it.)
06.51 am 09.09.08 (UTC)
Woo and a mighty big Hoo! Fantastic Sean.
08.00 am 09.09.08 (UTC)
01.28 pm 10.09.08 (UTC)
Yes, congratulations are in order, Sean.

I'm a huge Star Wars fan. A lot of us are very excited about The Force Unleashed, and I'm hearing incredible things about this book.
11.47 pm 10.09.08 (UTC)
Thanks, mate. I'm really glad people are enjoying it, and I hope you will too.
03.42 am 15.10.08 (UTC) - force unleashed
I'm sure your other Padawans in Brisbane will join me in a rousing chorus of W00Ts! The Force is clearly with you! (yours is the first SW tie-in I've bought since Splinter of the Mind's Eye, btw)
05.02 am 15.10.08 (UTC) - Re: force unleashed
Thanks, Jason. My little book is following in huge footsteps!
10.27 am 15.10.08 (UTC) - Congratulations!!!
That is so amazing. Gobsmacked!!!

- Mirko
12.51 am 18.10.08 (UTC) - THE FORCE UNLEASHED
Woo Hoo! You are indeed a force to be reckoned with!! You are way cool and my inspiration for awesomeness!!
~M xx
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