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Sean Williams
What's it like releasing a Star Wars novel? 
09.21 am 28.08.08
What's it like?

Terrifying: the pressure to meet fan expectations, self-imposed or otherwise, is very high. Of course, you've worked as hard as you can at making this a success (at least as hard as you would on one of your original novels) and you have the support of the entire team at Del Rey, Lucas Licensing, etc (whose work this also represents), but there are no sure things. You could produce the next Darksaber, or you could fall on your face in a pile of bantha scat. The wait for reviews is agonising.

Thrilling: because the story you've been working on for so long is finally in the public domain. The lead-times for such novels can be alarmingly quick, but they can also be very long, particularly if the projects they're attached to are delayed. Knowing secret stuff about the birth of the rebellion for nigh on two years can give you an ulcer. Sometimes you want to stand on a rooftop and shout it out to the world. Once the book's out, the internet will do just fine.

Fun: Star Wars is popular with the kids. They come to the launches. (See the photo below, taken in Malibu last week.) Maybe they're less there for the book than for the costumers, but who wouldn't want to be part of that anyway? Who of our generation--those most likely to be writing Star Wars novels today--doesn't remember being a kid when Episode IV first hit the screen and wishing they could experience some of that magic for themselves? That, perhaps, is the ultimate buzz. You may not be Darth Vader, and you may not have the cool costume, but by god you've written dialogue for him and you've lived for a while in his head. If that doesn't fall under the definition of "fun" (perhaps "terrifying" too) then what does?

Exhausting: if kids love Star Wars, so do the media. It's good to take interviews and even better to go on tour, but for a writer more used to sitting behind a desk all day, it can be kinda tiring. You've got to pace yourself and remember that it'll all be over soon--because when it is over, you'll miss it. We are a perverse bunch. On principle.

Mind-blowing: when your editor emails you to tell you that your book will debut at #1 on the New York Times hardback bestseller list--and they're excited--where do you go from there?

The answer to that question is always: onto the next book. Star Wars is the cream on the cake--hell, it might be a whole tray of desserts. But original work is part of the writer's balanced diet, and at some point you have to get back to it. It's what got you to this point in the first place, remember? Star Wars doesn't hire authors without an existing solo track record. They know--as you should know--that fuelling one stokes the boiler of the other.

So get back to it. You've got another book out next week (The Dust Devils) and plenty of others to promote besides (hello The Crooked Letter trade paperback; welcome back Earth Ascendant). Grip the sides while the roller-coaster is rolling, and maybe you'll come out the other side intact. And vibed. And grateful. And writing.

All these things, and more.

ETA 1: I celebrated by drinking Bollinger, ordering in pizza, and watching Episode IV. What could be better than that?
ETA 2: More discussion here.

(Excuse the mobile-phone grain. I'm too lazy to carry a real camera with me, even to such important events as this. When will I learn?)

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12.29 am 28.08.08 (UTC)
Debuting at number 1? Dude!

Can't wait to read it.
12.38 am 28.08.08 (UTC)
I hope you like it!

(and yes, it's been an exciting morning)
01.07 am 28.08.08 (UTC)
Congratulations!!!!! What more can I say?

Love the girl in the middle with a "gun". She looks like she know how to use and nothing will stop her. A possible future Ripley perhaps?

03.15 am 28.08.08 (UTC)
Indeed! I hope so.

And thank you! It's been a good day so far. :-)
01.09 am 28.08.08 (UTC)
Is it possible for you to get any cooler? Apparently so, because you're centre in a photo featuring Darth Vader and a girl in a pink rollertoaster tee. Whoo!
03.16 am 28.08.08 (UTC)
Hee! Some of my friends (I might be married to one of them) are torn between the "that photo is so cool"/"that photo is so nerdy" camps, but I don't care. Kids are excellent, and whatever makes them happy works for me. :-)
03.23 am 28.08.08 (UTC)
Dude, she's holding the tip of Darth Vader's lightsabre. How did I not see that before?

...yeah, whatever makes kids happy, as you say. Ahem. :p

(That conflict is based on the assumption that nerdy and cool are either/or concepts. It's nerdtacular cool.)
03.26 am 28.08.08 (UTC)
Yes indeed! My inner nerd is well and truly unleashed at the moment.
01.09 am 28.08.08 (UTC)

That's awesome Sean :D
03.17 am 28.08.08 (UTC)
02.33 am 28.08.08 (UTC)
That'd be this sort of cake, I reckon:

03.16 am 28.08.08 (UTC)
Precisely. Death by carbonite. I approve.
07.17 am 28.08.08 (UTC)
Yeeeeee haaaawwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11.20 pm 28.08.08 (UTC)
This will be you soon. :-)
01.35 am 05.09.08 (UTC)
Me, late with LJ stuff? Noooo .... *g*

Well, it would be nice but I do have an apprenticeship (no pun intended!) to serve first. You've proven yourself, and so deserve this fantastic accolade.
07.30 am 28.08.08 (UTC)
I love that picture. I think it is tremendously cool. 8)

Congrats on your stellar success! (pun intended) *ducking and running*
11.23 pm 28.08.08 (UTC)
Hee hee. There's almost nothing better than a good bad pun. :-) Thanks!
10.46 am 28.08.08 (UTC)
Wheeeeeeee, congratulations! :) Debuting at number one is way awesome :)

I love that picture!
11.19 pm 28.08.08 (UTC)
I agree, and I think so too! :-)
05.38 pm 28.08.08 (UTC)
11.23 pm 28.08.08 (UTC)
Like candy, dude.

Hey, did we convince you to run with Plague Planet?
05.33 am 29.08.08 (UTC)
That was *you* in the back of the car suggesting such nonsense???!?!? ;)

I honestly prefer PLAGUE MESSIAH to wrap up the trilogy, but it's such a loaded phrase. Sounds sort of DUNE-ish, too, I suppose... which isn't a bad thing, but Ace seems to have turned their noses up at it.

MIND PLAGUE is the best I've got so far. PLAGUE PLANET sounds like some sort of hellish tourist brochure. Hee hee.
05.40 am 29.08.08 (UTC)
Nonesense?? Never! All my suggestions are GOLD.

What about PLAGUE POPE?

10.27 am 29.08.08 (UTC)
Wow, I blow up my laptop & look what happens in the void (technicially I didn't fry the computer - letting it have a rest & turning it on post trip to Sydney did it *lol*). As my brain is running on slowly draining to empty, I'm going to summarise the past few posts here :o

Really it's Shiny, Woo Hoo & a big congratulations on all the achievements...including the hectic travel schedule you've completed!

*normal tranmissions received*
01.05 am 30.08.08 (UTC)
Thank you!

the hectic travel schedule you've completed

I wish. :-) Next month I'm in Brisbane twice and Perth once, then I'm in Melbourne for the first weekend in October. And I really should be doing an Auckland/LA/Calgary/New York/London trip October/November, but I am desperate to get out of it. Maybe I should hire a stand-in...
08.30 am 05.09.08 (UTC)
What's the use of being a metaphorical twin?????? Surely there is a back up copy somwhere.....
12.59 am 07.09.08 (UTC)
Maybe one of the ones in the cellar...but I need them to keep writing!
08.05 pm 19.09.08 (UTC)
Congrats on the #1 debut - and by the way, I read the book over about a six-hour stretch of nonstop reading the other day, and it's certainly one of the better EU novels I've read in a while. I loved the "Starkiller" reference to the early incarnation of The Star Wars script and there was a lovely sense of continuity from Garen's thoughts on the Force (it is not the Force that has limits but we who limit it) to previous works in the EU. Bravo!
12.11 am 20.09.08 (UTC)
Thank you! I'm really glad you enjoyed it. :-)
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