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Sean Williams
My Swancon DJing Rules (to keep things interesting) 
11.13 am 17.04.11
fez 2
Dave Cake and I are DJing at Swancon next weekend, as is our wont, and in response to the occasional criticism that I play the same old stuff over and over again (I take that as a compliment!) I've decided to liven things up by not playing songs I've played more than once before unless someone requests it. So no "Jesse's Girl", no "Block Rockin' Beats", no "Dancing Queen", no "Blue Monday"--unless you ask for it, in which case I'd be happy to fit it in somewhere (twist my rubber arm). This doesn't apply to Dave--in fact, we haven't even discussed it--but I'm looking forward to the challenge. Thinking out of the box, all that.

So what will I be playing instead? I don't know for sure, beyond the opening two or three songs. It depends on the night. Some classic Aussie rock, maybe, and I have a progressive house set that I could be talked into. Stick around and find out.
01.48 am 17.04.11 (UTC)
Funky dance beats please!
02.05 am 17.04.11 (UTC)
This kind of funky?


(start at around 1:05 and give it to 3:30 to really get peaking)
01.44 pm 17.04.11 (UTC)
That's the kind of thing I nap to. I want to dance!

I was thinking more along the lines of Play That Funky Music White Boy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10uRa4oENus
11.07 pm 17.04.11 (UTC)
Sure, I can play that. I haven't played it for years, so it's probably allowed. :-)
02.02 am 17.04.11 (UTC)
As long as you play one track by Pulp, I'll be happy.
02.06 am 17.04.11 (UTC)
I only have one and I've never played it, so there you go: it might happen. :-)

But if I play it, you HAVE to dance!
02.07 am 17.04.11 (UTC)

That was the plan ..
02.10 am 17.04.11 (UTC)
You'd be surprised how many people don't!
03.27 am 17.04.11 (UTC)
I am surprised. If you request a song, you must dance.

And I'm also requesting Dancing Queen and Blue Monday ... just to mess with your brain ;)

Also, you need to play Girl from Mars.
03.36 am 17.04.11 (UTC)
Didn't know that either. Cute!
03.38 am 17.04.11 (UTC)
Meant to add: very happy to play both DQ and BM. In fact, I could play whatever I want and just *say* people asked for it. :-)
08.12 am 17.04.11 (UTC)
Well, *you* asked for it, and you are people :)
11.06 pm 17.04.11 (UTC)
Some might say otherwise. :-)
02.57 am 17.04.11 (UTC)
Could you play Geek and Gamer girls ?
03.03 am 17.04.11 (UTC)
I don't even know what that is... (Showing my age, probably!)

My intention would be still to play old material, music I know well.
03.33 am 17.04.11 (UTC)
03.35 am 17.04.11 (UTC)
Ha! Love the costumes and the sentiment. Not so keen on the song, though. You'll have to get me really drunk, first. :-)
03.44 am 17.04.11 (UTC)

is that a challenge?

Actually, not a huge fan of it for dancing but it's a cute song.
03.31 am 17.04.11 (UTC)
Nick Stathopoulos played a great remix of the 'UFO' theme when he was djing at Conflux; can you get hold of that? If you can, I promise not to request anything from Rocky Horror.
03.33 am 17.04.11 (UTC)
I have it somewhere. Will dig it up.

Actually, I have played "Time Warp" once now. It went down well and my head didn't explode. :-)
11.25 am 17.04.11 (UTC)
Doctor Who on Holiday by Dean Grey!

If I'm lucky, I'll actually be in the room when it's played for once!
11.57 am 17.04.11 (UTC)
Tell me when you're there and we'll play it!
11.38 am 17.04.11 (UTC)
What's that sound? I like that sound. I love that sound!

It's the sound of my shoes.
11.56 am 17.04.11 (UTC)

It all becomes very easy when good people like you request my favourite songs.
10.03 pm 17.04.11 (UTC)
I am conflicted, Mr Williams - very conflicted. You know how I love your song choice, and yet I understand the need for something new...

How soon do I need to have my list of requests to you? :)
11.05 pm 17.04.11 (UTC)
Weeeell, I'm leaving tomorrow and my CDs are already packed, so it might be too late for anything that's not already coming. But you know the stuff I usually bring. I'm always happy to play something old, if someone wants me too!
01.20 am 18.04.11 (UTC)
I won't be there, but I'm requesting two songs: Werewolves of London and Star trekkin'.

Just for the fun of it.
02.53 am 18.04.11 (UTC)
I have them both, so you never know. :-)
05.41 am 18.04.11 (UTC)
What about Bach and Beethoven? They are seriously underutilized in today's dance scene.
05.43 am 18.04.11 (UTC)
Indeed! Maybe this could work:
09.07 pm 18.04.11 (UTC)
Since it's Easter, a rousing version of the Hallelujah Chorus wouldn't go astray.
07.49 am 18.04.11 (UTC)
This is definitely a request for Block Rockin' Beats :)
08.05 am 18.04.11 (UTC)
Awesome. :-)
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