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Sean Williams
04.48 pm 11.10.10
russian egghead
For all my whining about viruses, September was good to me:


From bottom to top: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II (out now!), Macabre: A Journey Through Australia's Darkest Fears, Australis Imaginarium, Blutschuld, Castle of the Zombies and Planet of the Cyborgs (coming soon!), Sprawl, and The Shrieking Pit.

Behind: Writers of the Future: the First 25 Years.

Somewhere, a forest has died.
07.00 am 11.10.10 (UTC)
but your icon is so creepy!
07.04 am 11.10.10 (UTC)
Indeed - looks like a hybrid of the Mekon and Arthur C. Clarke!
07.16 am 11.10.10 (UTC)
True. But with a fez he'd be asesome!
07.18 am 11.10.10 (UTC)
I mean "awesome" of course, not "arsesome" or whatever I was going for there...
07.05 am 11.10.10 (UTC)
Force Unleashed II just arrived at Fantastic Planet. The invoice listed it simply as 'SW SW'.
07.17 am 11.10.10 (UTC)
Nice. Sometimes the curse of having the same initials as Star Wars turns out to be a blessing.
08.37 am 11.10.10 (UTC)
I may be in love with the title, Castle of the Zombies.
09.06 am 11.10.10 (UTC)
Yay! My favourite in the series is Invasion of the Freaks, but I'm accustomed to dissent. :-)
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