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Sean Williams
on the air 
08.13 am 08.11.08
pink pills
I've been away again (hence my recent silence) but I'll be making up for it on Tuesday, 10-10.45, when ABC Radio National's The Book Show broadcasts an interview conducted by Fiona Croall shortly before I left. In it we discuss all manner of things, starting with The Force Unleashed and ranging across the other titles I've had out this year. I presume it'll be streamed or transcribed for those who no longer listen to the radio the old-fashioned way. (Or, if you'd rather listen to Ursula Le Guin talk about her novel, follow the link above and scroll down. That's what I'm about to do.)

Because I've been on the road, I have two track titles from the archives of despond: "The Tenant" and "A Song for a Battered Gentleman".
10.28 pm 09.11.08 (UTC)
I podcast the Book Show, so I should hear it.
10.15 pm 11.11.08 (UTC)
I hope you enjoyed it!
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